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About the Master Service Partnership (MSP)

The MSP seeks to enable international buyers to outsource their large-scale customer experience services in the Western Cape. Our goal is to leverage the broad network of local contact centre expertise to demonstrate that the Western Cape can equip businesses to provide outstanding, ethically outsourced service.

The MSP will create an environment in which all stakeholders in the region will benefit from a proposition that is sustainable, vibrant and world-leading in the Business Process Outsourcing sector.

Create an eco-system of suppliers (Outsourced Service Providers) that can compete with the scale normally sourced within India or the Philippines.

Build an environment that demonstrates the capabilities of all OSPs in Cape Town and the Western Cape to potential buyers.

Implement a proposition that supports smart sourcing and helps buyers implement ethical-sourcing strategies.

Ensure that all procurement activity is of the highest integrity and independence at lower cost to buyers and Outsourced Service Providers.

Our main purpose is to successfully profile the region to potential investors, ensuring the sustainability of the sector. We want to help grow and broaden the available supply of skills, which can service current and future demand.

“The Master Service Partnership represents a significant milestone and opportunity for CapeBPO as we pivot towards the progressive and inclusive marketing of our regional service offering through operator-led referenceable capability that will be profiled via the The Knowledge Group’s (tkg) digital procurement platform. We are proud to be associated with tkg and look forward to leveraging their vast capability and credibility.” - Clayton Williams, CEO CapeBPO

Our Partner

The Knowledge Group ( tkg) is a fresh thinking and disruptive sourcing firm, who deliver next generation sourcing services. They ensure organisations can source and manage their business services quickly, without compromising on quality. They offer a combination of digital tools, a global marketplace and industry-leading business process outsourcing services.

“The MSP allows buyers to procure customer management solutions at scale in the region through smart sourcing solutions. By becoming a member of the MSP eco-system, Outsource Service Providers (OSPs) will be able to access RFPs and compete on a level playing field through a fast and efficient digital procurement platform. By building an eco-system with multiple OSPs through the MSP, we will create a scale of operation to compete abroad,” - Spencer Brooks, CEO of tkg.

The MSP partnership solution is co-created with buyers to ensure each programme maximises value across management and service delivery, giving cost certainty and flexibility. We work with buyers at each touchpoint in the supply chain to ensure that they have the right level of control and visibility of performance. Our solution allows buyers to replicate their processes, procedures, policies and technology delivery within our eco-system, making it a seamless and frictionless extension of their business. Using our solution will enable scalability, capability and expertise in a way that works for buyers.


How we do it

tkg’s digital procurement platform allows buyers to source services in a secure environment, assisted by automation and data analytics. Outsourced Service Providers only need to respond to solution and commercial requirements, simplifying the process and shortening the buying journey. Our MSP eco-system enables organisations to collaborate and partner to allow for more scalable solutions when dealing with larger outsourcing demands.

The benefit of joining the Master Service Partnership

  • Buyers will not be charged commission fees and suppliers will not be subject to hidden costs.
  • Support of stakeholder network aspects along the BPO journey, including lobbying for local and national governments’ support, skills development including BPO academies, real estates, IT, leadership management, and impact sourcing.
  • Buyers will have access to all the relevant data to make informed decisions.
  • Supplier marketplace allows buyers to access information on the service capability of suppliers in the region with an independent viewpoint.
  • tkg’s digital procurement platform holds up to 350+ data points on CapeBPO members and other suppliers in the region, which means we can match buyers’ requirements to our members' capability fast and effectively, saving time and money.
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More reasons to participate:

  1. Collective funding initiatives (Local and Provincial Government and Private Sector) to scale impact sourcing model
    • Various skill development projects secured in both the private and public sectors
  2. Operationalisation of the industry skills strategy
    • Design and sign-off of skills strategy by industry (nationally)
    • Creation of 3-year skills operating plan aligned to the skills strategy
  3. Building an end-to-end skills supply chain of programmes and interventions
    • Focus on building entry level capability at scale
    • First-line leadership and management
    • Building of demand-led vertical academies (utilities, digital etc.)

Interested in finding out more about the MSP and how you can benefit from this smart sourcing solution?

Watch the recording from our launch event