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The City of Cape Town is Africa's BPO hub, with technology, infrastructure, effective resourcing, superb customer service, and lower costs.

Cape Town's dynamic economy is the ideal location for BPO industry and innovation.


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Who we are

CapeBPO is the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape’s strategic business partner responsible for the growth and development of the BPO industry in Cape Town, the Western Cape, South Africa.

CapeBPO has two key functions:

  1. Attract overseas companies to our shores to improve their productivity and efficiency with strong outsourced operations.
  2. Facilitate the training and deployment of the youth of the Western Cape into careers within the BPO sector.

The Capebpo team

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Why Cape Town

If you’re looking for a city that can accommodate technology and infrastructure, effective resourcing, superb customer service, lower costs, and a higher quality of life; then look no further than Cape Town.

Link to markets with world-class infrastructure, including 3 ports and an extensive fibre network of nearly 1000km.

It’s easy to do business in Cape Town. Our InvestSA One Stop Shop massively reduces red tape, which fast-tracks your investment. 

Africa is rising and has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. By 2050, Africa will have a market of 2.4 billion people.

Cape Town is the leading tourism destination and tech capital of Africa. We are a leading global hub for business outsourcing.

SA is Africa’s most industrialised economy. FDI into the Western Cape increased by 176% in the last decade and employment grew by nearly 25%.

South Africa is home to an educated workforce. Top universities annually produce 350,000 graduates in law accounting, medicine, engineering, and science.

We have a large availability of highly skilled, English-speaking talent who speak with a more neutral accent compared to those in India, Philippines, and other locations.

South Africa has one of the lowest cost of operations for English contact centre delivery - at least 50-60% lower than England and Australia.

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BPO Key Indicator Report 2021

By CapeBPO Team | November 29, 2022

We are delighted to present you with the 2021 CapeBPO…

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South Africa's BPO Value Proposition

South Africa has a compelling value proposition that has been well received by end users and BPOs in the main English-speaking source markets including the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

Building on this success, the value proposition has recently been refined to present the emerging digital capabilities and strong ITES capabilities in the country. The BPO market in South Africa has witnessed rapid growth with a ~25% CAGR over 2015-19, and is poised for accelerated future growth.

Download and read the full report below.

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Be a contact centre specialist

Have you considered a career in a contact centre? If you’re passionate about customer service and enjoy problem-solving, a career in the contact centre industry may be perfect for you. A career in a contact centre can change your life:

  • The earning potential is great
  • There's space to grow into senior roles
  • Multiple industries need contact centres
  • The skills are in demand across the globe
  • You don't need a degree to succeed

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South Africa’s contact centre industry is developing at a rapid pace. This is largely due to increased telecommunications infrastructure, government incentives and high-quality, cost-effective customer service.

Check out our Info Hub to stay up to date with the news in this growing sector.

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