This is the 24th edition of the EPIC publication, which presents and analyses economic (and related) trends in Cape Town on a quarterly basis. This edition focuses on the first quarter of 2019, covering the period 1 January to 31 March 2019.

Rationale for a quarterly economic publication
Accurate and up-to-date economic information is critical in providing direction for economic development and related strategies. It is essential to understand the nature, composition and performance of the local economy to monitor its status and know what must be done. While there is a wealth of economic statistics and information available for Cape Town, it often exists in discrete, isolated parcels customised to serving a specific purpose at a given time. Furthermore, in most cases, relevant economic information is only presented on an annual basis. This period is sometimes simply too long to inform immediate policy decisions or to get a proper grasp of the dynamic nature of economic trends. These factors underpin the need for a consolidated, quarterly economic performance publication for the City of Cape Town.

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